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At Cornouaille land gates, between Quimper and Lorient. Pont Croac'h, 29380 SAINT THURIEN, Phone : +332 98 35 45 22 - +336 51 11 70 79

If I told you my country, the Finistère,...

I'll tell you how this earth end of the world deserves to be loved, As she has richness to share, landscapes, smells and flavors to discover. Rocky promontory beaten by the winds and the sea, this little corner of Britain, the edge of Armor and Argoat, bespeaks many surprises for who takes the time to discover them. Let yourself be seduced as much by its painters palette colors changing over time and seasons Let yourself be enchanted by the breeze that runs on heaths or storm roars on the cliffs Let yourself be charmed by the sound of running water in its countless streams Let yourself be enchanted by the sound of the sea and its undertows. And who knows, at the bend of a way you can meet Korrigans and other farfadets doing the round with the Fata Morgana and Merlin The enchanting.

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Ty Coline - Cottages and gipsy caravan in Brittany - - + 332 98 35 45 22 - + 336 51 11 70 79

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